Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hey Folks!

So, I've decided that blogging is totally my jam.  I love it enough where I'm going to try to make it something that also puts food on my table!

SmartHotFun.Com is in production and the initial launch is set for October 1st!

You can check out the countdown to Launch at SmartHotFun.Com!

Thanks and Keep Thinking!



  1. Neither link to the Yes No Maybe chart seems to work anymore. I am filled with sorrow.

  2. Hi Becca, the links to your yes/no/maybe files are dead.

    Can you tell me where I can get those files? Can you post them at a new location please?

  3. Hi!

    Totally just saw these.

    There are new Yes No Maybe Charts up at SmartHotFun.Com.

    They are no called Want!Will...Won't Charts and are a bit more robust than the previous charts!

    You can click here to get them!


    I apologize for any sorrow caused! The charts were being hosted temporarily in webspace that wasn't renewed. My apologies!


  4. no worries. Thanks for all the info :)

  5. Alright Becca, we're gonna need a new post now. Anytime now. I'm only asking because I love your previous work!