Monday, April 19, 2010

The Black Box

Throwback Erotica from my days as an undergrad! Enjoy!


My hands are tied behind my back. I’m sitting in the most uncomfortable chair I’ve ever been in. I’m completely naked except for the stilettos on my feet and the bow in my hair. I couldn’t get out of this even if I wanted to. He enters the room with a box. I get wet thinking about what could possibly be in that box.

He smiles at me coyly, and sets the box down on the floor next to my feet. He looks at me and just smiles. This silence from him is unbearable, as he is usually already barking commands at me. He’s fucking gorgeous draped in black leather. His eyeliner is perfect, and his long raven hair is pulled taught back away from his face. He begins to touch my face softly, and I can smell that his nails are freshly painted. The smell of the enamel kisses my nostrils, and I close my eyes to take the smell in.

Upon seeing this, he harshly grabs my chin, forces me to look at him, and shakes his head ‘No’ at me. I don’t want to be punished too harshly this evening so I stop. His hands move from my face to caressing my belly and nipples, and I marvel at how gentle he’s being with me this time. It makes me even wetter, while at the same time I want him to be a little rougher. He sees this in my eyes, and he crouches down over his black box.

He takes my nipples into his mouth, while forcing my head back so I can’t watch. And then the harsh, painful sensation rushes into my nipples. I look down and he’s applied clamps on my now heavily throbbing nipples. The clamps are smaller than I’m used to, and the pain is so intense a tear escapes my right eye.

He sees this and smiles. He licks the tear off my face while he forces my legs apart. His mouth travels in between my tits, grazing the clamps, reasserting the pain on my nipples, and then his tongue is quickly buried in my wet cunt. He is only gentle with me at first, until he knows that I can handle what he has to throw at me. What started as soft licking becomes a hard pointed tongue stabbing at my clit. My back begins to arch in approval, but he plants his hands on my hips, constricting their movement. He then sucks and bites my clit, sending shocks of both pleasure and pain coursing through my body. It’s so fucking amazing I’m about to come, but he’s definitely not finished yet.

He brings his face away from my cunt just a few minutes before I’m about to come. I’m sweating and wanting nothing more for him to let me finish right there. He sees this in my face and once again, wordlessly, lets me know that it’s his show, and I’m going to come when he very well wants me to.

He turns his back to me, and leaves me there, panting, wet, sweating, and helpless. I can see him put it on. He pulls it up over his pants. I know what’s coming, and I only hope that he hurries the hell up. I want it and the thought of it makes me almost lose my shit right there, alone, in the chair.

He looks over his shoulder and sees the anxious look in my eyes. He walks behind the chair without turning around, and then there it is. Large, black, and silicone. Not like flesh colored black, but a deep ebony black, like piano keys. It’s sitting there, on my shoulder. I turn my head to lick it, but he pulls my hair and wrenches my mouth away from it. He moves the dildo in the crook of my neck, near my mouth, teasing me with it. I let out a little whimper, hoping he will hurry it up, because I want it in me. He forces my head back and, again, without a sound lets me know that he’ll do it when he’s good and ready.

He slowly rotates around the chair, and the huge dildo is right at the level of my mouth. He grabs my head and forces my mouth around it. I take the dildo in as far as I can, gagging every so often as he tries to force it farther down my fairly inexperienced throat. As I go down on his massive silicone member he fiddles with the clamps on my nipples. The pain of the rubber cock in my mouth as well as his tampering with nipple clamps makes my body throb.

My clit is burning, waiting for attention from him. But instead of just proceeding, he steps back from the scene. He slips a hand under the harness into his pants, and begins to rub his cock. He’s looking into my eyes, with a smirk on his face. I begin to rock my hips in an attempt to satiate my yearning clit, and he immediately rushes over and prohibits any movement on my part.

He straddles me and the huge black dildo is positioned in between our stomachs. His hand is in his pants still caressing his own cock, and his hand is close enough only to tease my clit. I’m starting to get impatient, but afraid to act, in fear that he will stop.

He moves so that his hand hits my clit as he caresses his own dick. The contact is small and indirect, but it fucking felt great. As I’m starting to enjoy this more and more, he gets off me and crouches down to untie my ankles.

He licks my dripping pussy once and then pulls my legs open and forward, positioning my pussy on the edge of the chair. He pulls one of my legs up and thrusts the large dildo into me. It’s wider than I’m used to and is uncomfortable at first. As he thrusts in and out in long, fast strokes it gets easier and feels better. He’s thrusting hard and fast and I can see the perspiration stand out on his forehead. As he thrusts, he roughly plays with my clit. After only thrusting for a few minutes, my body is hot and I know I’m going to come. I look at him to let him know, and I rock my hips in time with his thrusting. The dildo is still moving smoothly in and out of my pussy as I start to come. My eyes roll back into my head and as they’re half open, he rips the clamps off my nipples. The pain rushes into my nipples and it adds a whole new level to the intensity of my orgasm. I spew juices all over the cold floor and my body, covered in sweat, goes limp in the chair.

He unties my hands, and lays me down on the cold, wet floor. He collects all of his materials, puts them in his little black box, and turns to leave. Just before he leaves, he pulls the bow out of my hair. He looks at me, and I know he wants to take it with him. I nod at him approvingly, and he places the black ribbon in his black box.


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