Thursday, April 22, 2010

10 Sexuality Haikus

As The Sun Rises
Tired, Sexy Awakenings
Morning Sex is King

Hitachi Magic
A Guaranteed Orgasm
Wand Your Clit Daily

Wrapped Around a Cock
Watching in a Sex Mirror
Damn that’s Fucking Hot

Peeing before Sex
Keeping UTIs Away
Let’s Pee After Too

Bend Over Boyfriend
Harness Strap-On Dildo Fun
He Loves Taking It

He has a Prostate
She’s Rocking Hella Skene’s Glands
G-Spot Fun for All

Hair Pulling, Spanking,
Hands Held Firmly Above Head
Let’s Do Light SM

Pull Boobs Out of Bras
Nipples, Nipples Ev’rywhere
Need to Find a Mouth

Mainstream Tampons Are
Try a Menstrual Cup

Don’t Hate on Foreskin
More Sensitive Penis Heads
Maybe you’re Jealous

I Love a Haiku!
Fun to Write and Fun to Read
Keep Thinking -Becca

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