Monday, March 29, 2010

There Are HELLA Myths About G-Spots and P-Spots

Myth: The ‘G’ in G-Spot stands for “Good”

Fact:  The "G" in G-Spot Stands for Grafenburg.

Although, for some, it may feel quite good when stimulated, the “G” actually stands for Grafenburg. As in Dr. Grafenburg; the dude who “discovered” the G-Spot.

Myth: Dudes don’t have G-Spots.

Fact: Hell yeah dudes have G-Spots! 

It’s called the Prostate (although you may have heard it called the Male G-Spot, P-Spot, or A-Spot). From here on out, so as to not confuse the two, I will refer to a lady’s G-Spot as a G-Spot, and a fella’s G-Spot as a P-Spot.

Myth: Once you find your G-Spot or P-Spot, you are going to have the craziest orgasms of your life.

Fact:  The G/P-Spot isn't for everyone.

So, SOME people will start having crazy, intense orgasms once they find their G/P-Spots. For others, G/P-Spot stimulation may not actually be all that exciting. For some, it can even be downright painful. Just like everything in sex, what works for some doesn’t work for everyone.

And lemme tell you, you’re no less of a person if this particular part of your body doesn’t do it for you. I’m sure that there are plenty of amazing spots all over your body that bring you pleasure. So don’t worry if you’re not a fan of the G/P-Spot.

Myth: Someone was playing with my G-Spot, and I orgasmed so hard, I peed all over my bed.

Fact: Fejac and Pee are NOT the same thing.

Although I know that after you had an orgasm you looked down and there was probably one hell of a wet-spot … if your G-Spot was being played with, chances are you just ejaculated. Female ejaculate (or Fejac as the ladies of Female Sexuality liked to call it), has been chemically tested and is actually chemically similar to the fluid that comes out of the prostate.

Also, the volume of Fejac can range from 2 tsps up to 1 cup! Which means you may experience a wet spot … or you may experience a small lake of fejac on your bed. Either way, enjoy it (and maybe have some towels on hand)!

Did you just read this and go, “Me! Me! I wanna do it!”

In order to reach your Fejaculatory Potential (that phrase is straight copywrited, fools), try having a clitoral orgasm (or two) without anything in the vagina. Then, bring yourself to orgasm with G-Spot stimulation included. The more turned on you get, the more likely the G-Spot will expel fluid. If you’re not a lady who can have more than one orgasm per session, bring yourself to the brink of orgasm a couple times and then go for the G-Spot stimulation.

Remember, not all people can Fejac, so if you don’t reach your Fejaculatory Potential, no worries. At least the journey will be fun.

Myth: The G/P-Spot is in the same place for everyone.

Fact: There is a general location, but the location of G/P-Spots vary.

Think of G/P-Spots like they’re noses. Even though the nose will generally be found below eyes and above mouths, where they are in that space can vary.

It’s the same basic principle for the G/P-Spot. It will always be on the anterior wall of the vagina or rectum. Anterior means the top wall, or the wall closest to someone’s bellybutton. But some people’s G/P-Spots are really close to the openings of their bodies, and some people’s G/P-Spots are farther back.

That being said, don’t expect someone else to just know where your G/P-Spot is. If they’re searching around for it help them out by communicating that they’re on the right track (for example: “You have located my G/P-Spot. Excellent work.” OR “OOOOOHHHH GOOODDDD YESS. THERE. THERE. THERE.”)

Myth: Once you find your G/P-Spot, it will always feel good when you stimulate it.

Fact: Your G/P-Spot sensitivity can change.

For some this true. G/P-Spot stimulation feels good anytime they are in a consensual sexual experience. However, sometimes getting pleasure from G/P-Spot stimulation happens, and sometimes it doesn’t. It can depend on things like how turned on you are, who your partner is, where you’re at in your menstrual cycle, the nature of your poops that day, whether or not you’ve been drinking, etc.

So if one day your G/P-Spot is the best thing ever and the next day it’s just not doing it for you … never fear, that is totally legit.

Myth: I was looking for my own G-Spot and I couldn’t find it … so I probably don’t have one.

Fact: Your G-Spot may have been 'hiding.'

This one is specifically for our lady-bodied people. The prostate in fellas is shaped like a walnut and is always protruding into the rectum. That’s why Docs can find it pretty easily when they’re doing a prostate exam (which, by the way fellas, you should start getting at age 40/50).

But, for our ladies. So, you’re like “I’m gonna find my g-spot today.” You strip down, you put some fingers in your vag, and you search around and you’re like …”WTF, where is it?”

Instead of concluding that you don’t have one, try getting yourself turned on first. Watch some lady-friendly, non misogynistic porn. Read some erotica. Diddle your pearl (i.e. masturbate your clitoris, sucka). Have a dirty talk session with your boo on G-Chat. Whatever works best for you.

Then, after you’ve gotten plenty turned on, try to find your G-Spot once again. You may find that with the increased blood flow to the pelvis everything is more sensitive and finding the G-Spot is easier. If you’re having issues getting the angle right on your own, you may also want to use a G-Spot toy (a toy with a curve, generally) OR ask your favorite sex partner to come on over and lend a hand.

Pun TOTALLY intended.

Note:  If you do happen to find your G-Spot, there is a chance that when you first play with it, you'll feel like you have to pee.  If you just let this feeling ride for 10-30 seconds, there's a chance the 'needing to pee' feeling will go away.  If it doesn't go away, you may just need to pee.  Crazy, right?

Myth: Only gay dudes let people play with their P-Spots.

Fact: As someone who has personal experience playing with the P-Spots of some of the straightest dudes I know … all I can say is this is hella not true.

They may have let me put my fingers in their butts, they may have moaned and asked for more, but at the end of the day, they only enjoyed every skillfully implemented moment because there was a hot lady doing it.

Something I encourage every man, woman, and post-pubescent child to do is think about how homophobia may be limiting your sex life. Doing things that gay people happen to do doesn’t make you gay. In fact the only thing that does make you gay is if you look at yourself and say, “Dude, I’m gay.” True story.

But, getting back to the P-Spot. If you let someone play inside your butt and you like it, what that means about you is that you like when people play inside your butt. It may also mean that you’ve opened up a whole new avenue of pleasure for yourself.

AND letting someone play with your P-Spot (or just ejaculating on a regular basis, for that matter) can help to reduce the risks of prostate cancer later in life by regularly flushing potentially carcinogenic (cancer causing) cells. You could be saving your own life by letting someone play with your P-Spot.

Myth: If someone wants to play with a P-Spot they have to go through the rectum.

Fact: You can indirectly access the P-Spot by playing with the taint.

To directly play with the P-Spot, this is true. It does require fingers or toys or penises covered in lube (the lube part is important) going inside someone’s butt.

However, you can indirectly stimulate the P-Spot through the perineal body (also known as the Taint, The Gootch, or The Grundle). It’s that spot between the balls and the anus. If you put firm upward pressure on that spot you’re directly stimulating the root of the penis AND you’re indirectly stimulating the P-Spot.

Myth: I have one more myth to talk about.

Fact: I don’t. 

BUT, one last thing to take with you is, whether you own a G-Spot OR a P-Spot, your brain is still the most powerful sex organ you own. Especially if you’re a first time G/P-Spot user, I recommend looking for your G/P-Spot at a time when you’re least likely to be distracted (and that means either distracted in the moment OR distracted by things happening in life).

I wish you and your G/P-Spots the best!

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