Monday, March 8, 2010

Dr. Granville

Erotica Throwback. Enjoy. -Becca

PS. The Erection Physiology Lecture is total fantasy. Just keeping your knowledge up.

“More touch. Listen, you’re never going to pass if you don’t touch more than my tits, ass, and cunt. There is more to my body than those three parts. Lesson 1, remember?”

As she yelled at him, his breath intensified and his cock got so hard it was almost painful. She was a rigorous instructor, and wouldn’t stop until he got it right.

He thought back to the day it started.

He entered the class late.

Ha had entered this way for the past few lectures.

Not late enough to be too disruptive. Just late enough so that he would be seen as he walked through the class.

It was for her.

She was a substitute instructor in his Human Sexuality lecture. The rumors that this class was a GPA boost because it was all based on bullshit introspection proved true originally. As long as you turned in the assignments, it didn’t matter what you wrote. Well … until she showed up.

“Here’s something I know. I know half of you are in here because this class is marginally interesting and you want to learn about Sexuality. I also know that half of you are here because the normal professor is so old that you know he falls asleep before he can finish grading assignments. To the formerly mentioned group, we will get along just fine. For those of you in the latter category, you will put in the work to learn. If you don’t I will fill your spot with someone on the waitlist. Welcome to college, loves.”

And she wasn’t fooling around either. He started failing after her 3rd week. Not because she wasn’t a great instructor. She was. He had learned more about his sexuality in 3 weeks that she had been there than he had in the entire 19 years of his life.

The problem was that she was a slammin’ hottie. Olive skin, light eyes, brown hair, a killer bootie and the woman could lecture like no one he had ever experienced.

And all the homework was still introspective, but for real. So every time he went to write, there she would be, in his head. He couldn’t shake it and could never clear his head long enough to finish adequate assignments.

So he started coming to class late. Hoping that his slightly frazzled late appearances might be a good cover that he could milk to explain his recent failures.

“And that is physiology of male g-spot stimulation. When we resume next Tuesday, we’ll be discussing role plays that center around the exchange of power, highlighting the role of the submissive. Also, is Mr. Desorio here? Ah, yes, you need to come visit me during office hours. We need to discuss your performance. Or rather, lack thereof. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.”

“There you go Mr. Desorio. When you stimulate the whole of the network of nerve endings in the skin … you … get … a … better response. Mmm… god. A much better … response. Uuggh.”

He remembered the skin rule. He just preferred when she yelled at him a little bit. As he ran his hands from her face, down her neck, across her always hard nipples (how did they do that?), into the warm, damp crevices between her legs, to her calves, his cock pumped fuller with blood as she trembled under his hands and he remembered the first time she yelled at him.

“Flip me over and touch there too. We’re never going to get to penile vaginal if you can’t get these simple lessons Mr. Desorio.”

“Yes Dr. Granville.”

He took a deep breath and stepped into her office.

“Mr. Desorio, we have a problem. You have been late to my past 3 lectures, which is disruptive. You have failed to put any actual thought into any of the assignments that I’ve given. As I mentioned when I took over, there are plenty of people clawing to get into my class who will complete three weeks of assignments to be seated in my lecture.”

“I know … I just … have been having some issues.”

“Mr. Desorio. I’m not convinced by your ‘showing up slightly late everyday, failing assignments, call for help’ strategy. Even if it were pointing to a real problem, I still wouldn’t really care. I only work with those who want to work. People who want to work don’t let their personal lives get in the way, no matter how hard that is. So perhaps you should consider seriously if you should maybe withdraw from my class and let someone deserving take your spot.”

On the one hand, he was stoked that she had noticed him. On the other hand he was in jeopardy both because she had totally called his bluff and because he was starting to get a raging woody. Crap. He could either stand up (well not literally) and hope that taking a stand (again, not literally) would sway her to let him stay in the class. Or, he could grovel.

“Listen, Dr. Granville, you’re right.”

She was surprised, good.

“I haven’t put in the work that I’ve needed to. (…crunch time. Blunt and honest … or grovel. Okay, blunt.) And it’s your fault. You are so incredibly intelligent and your lectures have changed my entire life. And so when I try to write assignments, all I want to write about is you. The assignment on genital self exploration … all I could imagine was you exploring my genitals. The prostate massage assignment we have to do over the weekend? I can’t imagine someone who could teach me any better than you. Maybe if you tutor me I’ll start to do better.”

And then she did something that surprised him. She brought her hand to the clip holding her hair in place and let it down. And she unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt, so her cute perky tits made the slightest of appearances.

His cock, which had been, up to that point, on the fence in terms of whether to be hard or not, came completely to life. Shit.

And then she walked around the desk and sat on the arm of his chair and brought her mouth close to his ear. Her breath kissed his lobe and he shuddered in anticipation for something he had imagined so many times.

“What you just shared with me is very close to being sexual harassment, were this not a confidential space. To be completely frank, I could care less that you’re having little fantasies of me when you do your homework. You need to get over it, immediately. You want to stay in my class? Do the work and stop making up excuses.”

She then she buttoned her shirt back up and clipped her hair back into place. Not exactly what he was expecting. Damn.

“As if I would risk my career to fuck you. There have been much hotter and much more experienced men who have walked through this office asking me to do the same thing. I have worked too hard and come too far to risk it all hooking up with a student. I expect you’ll be on time next Tuesday. Now get out.”


Walking out of that office was potentially the most embarrassing thing he had ever done. And even though he knew he must have hallucinated, he swore that he saw her smile ever so slightly as she realized his predicament.

That Tuesday, she changed the lecture topic to “Erections: Spontaneous, Inspired, and Completely Controllable.”

She lay on her stomach, and he thought his penis would explode. He had been taking lessons for six months now, and they had done more sexually then he had ever imagined. When he started taking lessons she promised that with work they would fuck. Without work, no dice.

And he had worked.

“Tell me what you’re going to do next, Mr. Desorio.”
Dirty Talk

“I’m going to run my fucking hungry mouth all over your amazing body. I want to taste every sexy fucking inch of you. I’m going to start with your ears, and wait until you’re squirming with desire for me to move to your shoulders and neck. Just when you can’t hold out any more and your cunt is dripping with anticipation I’m going to move there. But I’m not going to give you as much as you want because you’ve done nothing to deserve it. And … I want to leave you wanting more.”


“Mr. Desorio, deserve has nothing to do with it. You’ll keep your mouth there until I tell you to move.”

“Yes, Dr. Granville.”

Sexual Multi-Tasking

As his mouth worked her ears then neck then shoulders, he ran his hands through her hair, across her back, down her legs. He started again with his hands on her breasts and moved them slowly down her full, curvy hips, over her fucking amazing ass, and brushed her clit, ever so teasingly.

“Mmm… you’ve been studying.”

Kissing, French Kissing, Etiquette, Hygiene, Trimming, Accessories, Prostate Massage, Self-Touch, Role-Play, Strap-On Play, Role Reversals, Breathing, Sensory Deprivation, Hair-Pulling, Pinning, Sensation Play, Bondage, Discipline, Erotic Pain, Eroticizing Safer Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Mouth Work, Hand Work, Anal Play…

More than he could imagine, but he had worked hard to just be here and he wouldn’t stop working until he got to slide his cock into her cunt. He had been allowed to fill it with his fingers, tongue and a multitude of toys, but the two times that she said he was close; he fucked a small detail up. But, judging by her response, today was the day.

His hard work would finally pay off.

After that harrowing meeting, he was determined to not only pass her class, but be her star pupil.

To get her out of his head, he wrote out the fantasies that swirled through his head. With that distraction gone, he actually found that her class had even more impact than if he just attended lectures.

Her class became his success.

Every night was the same. He would sit down at his computer, write about her, and move on to complete whatever homework was due next. The fantasies helped him focus, and actually helped him to excel in other classes.

But still … being her star pupil wasn’t enough. He needed more.

And the final project in the class gave him his window.

“To pass this class, you will need to turn in a project that illustrates the range of what you have learned as a result of this class. The project can be amorphous in terms of medium, but should represent 15 or more hours of work.”

He turned in his fantasies in chronological order (with her name changed, of course) and then did an analysis of how his desires had become more nuanced throughout the duration of the course.

He was pleased with his work until he received an e-mail from her.

“Mr. Desorio.

Based upon your work in my class since our first meeting, we need to discuss your final project … and its shortcomings.

-Dr. Granville”


He must have looked surprised, because he was. This wasn’t something they had gone over. The dirty talk lessons were always on aggressive dirty talk. Shit.

“Please let me eat you out, Dr. Granville?”

“No, Mr. Desorio. That is not begging. Remember the confidence rule.”

He took a deep breath. He couldn’t take this any more. He had been patient, and had not once complained. He flipped her over and straddled her belly so she could both see and feel how his penis was on the verge of blowing up all over her. He held her arms down, so she would have to look at him.

“Dr. Granville. With all due respect, I have been nothing, if not the perfect pupil. I take in everything you say, I follow your lessons to the letter. And I really thought that I would finally get to fuck your brains out tonight. So please just finally submit. It’s fucked up that you would make a man wait this long to fuck a woman who is so incredibly irresistible it takes all his strength not to whip his cock out at every empty moment and masturbate to the thought of everything about you.”

He lowered his mouth to her ear and whispered.

“So, please. Dr. Granville. Give my poor dick a break. Let me grab those condoms that have been taunting me for six months, slide one over my cock, tease your beautiful hole with my tip, and slide it into you so slowly so that not only can I feel every millimeter of your amazing vagina closing over my piece, but so that you plead with me to go faster so you can fully experience my girth inside you. So that I can fuck you until you beg me to bang you until your cervix can’t handle being slammed into any more. Until you’re screaming for me to pull out that big fucking thing you call a vibrator on your clit so you can have a body-rocking, sheet-staining, glass breaking, nail dragging orgasm. Because I really don’t think that I can wait any longer.”

“Now that’s begging. Good confidence Mr. Desorio. But … no.”


“Mr. Desorio. Your work ever since our talk has been incredible. Some of the best I’ve seen out of a man … ever. And don’t look at me like that, it makes a difference that you’re a man. However, your final was disappointing.”

“I put way more than 15 hours into it though. I think that’s pretty obvious. All you said was that it needed to reflect 15 or more hours of work.”

“Mr. Desorio. You obviously passed this class. Stop your whining please. What I’m disappointed is not the amount of time you put into this. The disappointment is the conclusion that you came to. You said that your sexual desires have become more varied. However, if you actually reviewed the erotica you turned in, you would notice that every single one ends in penile-vaginal intercourse –“

“Not all of them do. The one where --“

“Mr Desorio! Do no interrupt me. Yes there are maybe two of the whole lot that end in penile-anal contact, but the other 100 do not. Why you’re here is because I am disappointed with your conclusion. What you’ve proven is you’re still the intercourse obsessed straight man that you were when you started this class.”

And then she said it.

“Which proves that I didn’t do my job as an instructor. You require further … more hands on … lessons. This is my home address. Get yourself tested, and once you have your results, meet me there every Tuesday and Thursday at 10p. You will be on time, you will be showered, you will have impeccable attendance and you will be ready to work. I will assume that your more than obvious erection is your acceptance. You may go.”

Face beet red, he tucked his erection into his waistband after he turned his back to her. His penis was a rock for the entire 25 minute walk back to his house. When he got home he immediately locked his door, and pulled his pants off. He stroked his cock with a vigorous stroke, imagining her riding him, wetness dripping out of her onto him, her hair wild, his hands caressing her sinuous curves. He came so hard it splashed him on the face and he passed out until his housemate knocked on the door to make sure he was okay.

Explaining the dry cum on his face took some creativity, but was totally worth it.

“No? Dr. Granville, my penis is going to explode all over your naked body, and all this built up sexual tension I just created for you will go to waste.”

“Calm down Mr. Desorio. I just mean, no, you won’t be putting the condom on. I’ll be doing the honors. I’ve never seen a penis so rigid, and I want to enjoy it.”

He almost came just from that comment, but held it together.

She stood him up and knelt before him, and placed his cock in her mouth ever so briefly. She wasn’t making it easy, but his eyes had been on the prize for so long, he manned up and kept himself from coming all over her right there.

She slid the condom on, and applied a little lube (to increase condom life, he remembered).

He couldn’t wait any more. He pushed her onto the bed (throwback from his lesson on erotic dominance) and before he put his cock anywhere near her, he kissed her hard on the mouth and whispered,

“You’re going to wish that this had happened so much sooner than now Dr. Granville.”

“Prove it, Mr. Desorio.”

He grabbed her hands and put them above her head and bit her softly on her neck. With one hand holding her wrists in place, he moved his hands to her lips which where moist and swollen with arousal.

Her body shuddered at his touch and he worked his finger over her clitoris. As she tried to get out of his hold he massaged harder, managing to hold her in place and maintain his pin.

He slipped one finger in. Just once. He watched as her hips begged for more.

Oh, he’d give her more.

He grabbed his cock and rubbed the head all over her vulva. Their breath intensified as they both anticipated what was to come.

He pushed the head of his cock into her waiting hole and she gasped in approval. He immediately removed it and went back to biting her neck.

“Mr. Desorio, I recommend you fuck me soon or you’ll be leaving.”

But he knew her game.


“Ah, I see. Mr. Desorio. From the moment you walked into my office when you were in jeopardy of failing I have imagined crafting you into the perfect tool of sexual gratification. And you have exceeded all expectations I could ever have. You deserve the one thing that you have coveted for so long. Please fuck me so that I can envelop that magnificent cock you’ve been blessed with. I want my lips to wrap around you as you thrust so deeply into me that breathing is difficult and somewhat unnecessary.”

“We should’ve had a lesson on begging. I could’ve learned something.”

He took his cock in one hand and spread her swollen lips and slowly plunged his cock into her wetness. About halfway into her, she clamped her muscles down tight around his cock and it took all his concentration not to bust immediately. Slowly at first and then more vigorously he rammed his cock into her as she moaned and begged for more.

He pulled out her vibrator, and put it on her clit. She was so wet he could hear the wetness moving in time with his thrusts. He worked a nipple with one hand, the vibrator with the other as her hips arched upward toward the stimulation. Her whole body shook as he continued pounding her, and he knew he was going to blow soon.

“Mr. Desorio, I am cumming so hard it’s indescribable. Do … not … stop… ugh … “

As she reached the apex of her climax, he could no longer exercise the control he had up until this point. His moan started as a low groan and turned into a man sized moan to match hers.

He came so hard that he lost muscle control and collapsed on top of her. She grabbed the base of the condom and pulled him out of her. She placed one, gentle kiss on his forehead.

“I think I still prefer when you’re in drag and I’m fucking you like you’re a woman, but this was a very close second, Mr. Desorio. Well done. You pass.”


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