Monday, February 8, 2010

Yes, No, Maybe Chart


My site has changed locations, and you can find the new version of these charts at the following URL:

Thanks and apologies to anyone who has clicked on dead links lately!


So, the chart is an oldie but goodie. The blog post is brand spankin’ new (if you checked ‘yes’ on your chart for spankings, of course).

Have you ever wondered if your partner likes her ass spanked?

Have you ever fantasized about your partner stripping down to his banana hammock and shakin’ it for you to the sexy music of your choice?

Have you ever really just wanted your partner to keep their stockings ON while you’re fucking?

Have you ever imagined your partners wearing your stockings and heels while you’re fucking?

Do you sometimes feel like you have NO idea how on earth you’d bring any of these things up, but you REALLY REALLY want to?

Well, then the Yes, No, Maybe Chart is for you. For a nominal fee of $0, and maybe some love in the comments section, you and your partner can delve into each others' desires and fantasies with a super fun activity!

Use it to spice up a sex life that’s gotten stagnant!

Use it to get on the same page with your partners’ desires!

You can even use it to interview potential fuck buddies!

The limits are endless. All you have to do is click below.



And of course, with any awesome product, there’s fine print. Except, I will not be making it smaller, I think you should actually read these.

1. The Yes, No, Maybe Chart is not my original idea. Someone else (I’m not sure who) came up with it long before I did. What makes mine special is that it’s here, and that it’s fairly exhaustive, and that it includes instructions and definitions.

2. When I say fairly exhaustive, I mean that most umbrella terms are here. What THAT means is that, although Japanese Bondage and Western Bondage are not specifically listed, both of those fall under ‘Bondage.’ If you can’t find a specific activity you’d like to discuss, I recommend downloading the MS WORD version and editing it in there.

3. Which brings me to my next point that this is a conversation STARTER. For some of the activities on this list, you will need to make sure that you’ve researched proper safety and protocol before you actually do them. will not be held responsible for anything crazy that happens if you try something out simply based on the definitions given.

4. The yes, no, maybe chart cannot guarantee a happy ending. You may find out that you and your partner share the same level of kink … but you may find out that you’re a mismatch. If you really respect your partner or partners, you’ll find a way to converse until you can come to a resolution if any conflict arises.

5. Remember not to force this activity on your partner. If they’re up for it, then by all means, go to town! If they’re not, please respect their right to pass.

6. This doesn’t only have to happen once. Tastes change and people get curious. If you haven’t rocked it in a while, I recommend a revisit.

7. You don’t have to be in a relationship to do this activity. This might be a really good way for you to check in with your desires on your own! It could also be a great activity to do at a party with your friends (well, maybe it’s a good for me to do this at a party with my friends. It definitely depends on the crowd you roll with.)

End Disclaimers

Have fun!



  1. That's a damn good list and a damn good idea, I can make copies and pass them out to all the women at the bar, check the answers and make an informed decision!

  2. I remember my TA in my Health Education class at CAL gave us this list to do for funsies during our meeting.. it was awesome :p

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  4. Statements like "if you really love each other" are ghettoizing for those of us who are sexual with partners but not in - or not interested in - those type of relationships.

  5. Hi Corrine,

    TOTALLY noted. I changed the post accordingly.


  6. Love this. my partner and I have a list like this and recommend it to all. Nice way to keep things SPICY in a LTR.
    The MamaSutra

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