Friday, July 3, 2009

Episode II: The Deflowering of Skywalker

Here's the end! Enjoy! -Becca


When they returned to Angeleno, Luke Skywalker was waiting for her at the top of a precipice. His month of isolation was long over, but she didn’t want to push his comfort level, so she merely greeted him with a touch on his shoulder. They discussed the journey, and they discussed each other. They hadn’t much time to build trust, and although time was short, conversation was necessary to assuage any nervousness before she began his training.

At one point, they both agreed it was time to proceed. In his time alone on the planet, Luke had prepared a training space.

The emotions she had felt when seeing Angeleno for the first time resurfaced. She was more than impressed with the space Luke had created. It was an indoor space, complete with space for bathing. The bed provided ample space for the both of them, and looked as soft as a cloud. The ambience was perfect and she could tell that much thought had gone into his choice.

She sat at the edge of the bed next to him.

“Tell me, young Skywalker. How have 21 full rotations of your planet’s moon transpired without you ever experiencing the touch of another?”

He explained that those who had given him opportunity had never done so in a way that felt appropriate. That one awkward situation after another had arisen, and he had declined several advances as a result. She was glad that he had not cited the anti-sex ideologies spouted by EASE. Had he been corrupted by their influence, he would not have been appropriate for this training. But his purity was not based upon lack of desire, only lack of opportunity. She would help him harness this desire and show him the power of The Thrust.

She relieved herself in the area set aside for bathing, and returned to him. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, and his clear blue eyes drank her in as she returned to him. Deep inside her senses, she knew it was time to begin.

“If I started kissing you right now, would you object?”


He sat upright on the bed, and she straddled his strong legs, bringing her mouth down upon his. His arms enclosed around her and their breath quickened in time as the power of The Thrust began to work its way into their bodies. She appreciated all he had remembered from the lessons learned so long ago in the Cantina. His mouth was soft and warm, and he took his time, enjoying the taste of her mouth on his.

Sensing his body strain from keep them both upright, she pushed him down onto the bed and removed his shirt. As she brought her hands across his chest, she enjoyed the juxtaposition of her bronze skin gliding over his fair coloring. Her moistness increased, and she guided him in removing her shirt. Of a purpose, she had worn simple undergarments – small flowers of modesty covered her nipples and areolas, anchored in place with simple adhesive. It warmed her when he had giggled at the sight. She knew it was easier than some of the other more complicated undergarments she could’ve worn – but the lessons surrounding complex undergarments would come later. After informing him flowers of modesty could be removed by simply peeling them off, they continued his first lesson.

She fully undressed him and released his hard phallus from his trousers. She was very pleased. For a moment, she was wracked with desire, imagining him taking his very pleasing phallus and thrusting into her. Moistness trickled down her thigh as she remembered the first time she had felt the touch of another. What it was like when she had willingly entered into the arena of The Thrust. The awe and inspiration she had felt as her first partner moved slowly with her at first, and then increased his pace. She had felt The Thrust radiate through her whole body, and understood the indelible change.

He was not yet ready for all that yet, so she decided on beginning manually. Naked only from the waist up, she kneeled between his legs and her hands moved deftly on his rigid manhood. Aided by a bit of lubricant, she brought her fingers in long fluid strokes from base to shaft to tip, pre-cum glistening in the opening. He lay still, no doubt taking in the immensity of what was occurring. She could feel the blood pumping through his cock and her breath quickened. The Thrust moved through her as she worked, causing her clitoris to come to attention. Her time would come, but her pleasure at this moment came simply from pleasing him. She worked laboriously on him, impressed by the fact that he had not exploded into orgasm within moments. After an impressive amount of time, she decided it was time to move on.

She ran her hands up his body and took her mouth to his once more, their bodies both slick with desire. Having wanted to feel their bodies move together since the moment she felt his presence, waiting was taking its toll on her. The vasocongestion in her labia was getting unbearable, The Thrust intensifying all of her want to an almost unbearable breaking point. It was frustrating, but she knew her readiness was not necessarily his. There was an enormity for him that was not present for her. Should he be set on the correct path, he would have to give himself over to readiness.

She would wait.

There was one moment when he expressed his readiness, but as she went to apply the protective sheath, she realized the error in their judgment as his erection softened. He had been overconfident – she had not been adequately aware of his progress.

“Don’t be nervous Luke. The Thrust is with you.”

“I can’t. It’s too big.”

She assumed he meant the enormity of the situation. It was time for another lesson.

“Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size do you?”

Straddled across his thighs, in all her naked and resplendent glory, he could give good measure to her size. This lesson he needed to learn well.

He shook his head.

“And well you should not for my ally is The Thrust. And a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we. You must feel The Thrust around you.”

A look of determination held in his face and she knew he understood. Perhaps before they experimented with the full power of The Thrust, it was time for a different lesson.

She pulled him above her so he could see, and spread her legs wide so he could learn. She ran her hands along her labia and breathed sharply as the sensation travelled through her body. He watched and listened intently as she explained the importance of the clitoris. She instructed him to find it. He ran his tentative hands along her vulva, and found it swiftly. With her guidance, he was able to make pleasure radiate heat along her pelvic floor. She luxuriated in his hands stroking the part of her with the most erogenous potential, and could feel her body releasing even more moisture. She was pleased with his progress. It was time to instruct him on how the inside of a woman responded to touch. His next lesson would be in accessing the G-Spot.

“The approach will not be easy. You’re required to maneuver straight down this trench, and skim the surface to this point. The target area is only two centimeters wide. It’s a small bulbous point, right behind the pubic bone. The shaft leads directly to the reactor system. A precise hit should start a chain reaction which will lead to intense sensation. Only a precise hit will set up a chain reaction.”

Taking in everything she had said, Luke attempted to bring his fingers into her wet and desirous pussy, but with the inexperience of his youth, he needed assistance.

“Am I in?”

“Negative. Negative. It didn’t go in; it just impacted on the surface.”

She smiled and remembered how tentative she had been the first time she had been given permission to enter someone with her fingers. She grabbed his hand, and helped him inside. Once there, his fingers were talented and he soon found her G-Spot. The come-hither motion she had proscribed was working wonders for her. Her hips gyrated on his fingers and her voice, husky with arousal, portrayed her gratitude for her pupil’s rapid knowledge acquisition. Knowing that an orgasm achieved too quickly would put her out of commission, she reluctantly pulled his fingers out of her and planted a long grateful kiss on his soft, desire swollen lips.

They played shortly with the erotic potential provided by the skin, but Luke Skywalker’s phallus was straining with blood. There was a sense in her that it was time.

“Your destiny lies with me, Skywalker.”

She rolled the protective sheath over his phallus, and lay on her back.

“Concentrate. Feel The Thrust flow.”

Heat radiated off his body, and she placed her hand on his phallus, guiding him into her. Although this was for him, it was glorious for her after so much time without having felt the touch of another. His pace was slow and rhythmic – he was in no hurry. He plunged into her repeatedly, and she wrapped her legs around him, allowing for a deeper penetration. She had been right, they did fit well together. Not wanting to frighten him with the full force of her pleasure, she only allowed small moans escape from her lips into his ear. He moved inside her in calm, languorous strokes, until the sensation overtook him and wracked his body with orgasm.

Slick with sweat, he pulled out of her.

“How was it?”


While he moved to the bathing space to collect himself, she asked the C3 droid the hour. It was 11:59p. Before the hour turned, she recorded a message for Debbers the Ewok.

“Happy Luke Skywalker Day.”

It seemed an appropriate message. Had Debbers not come through in that clutch situation, all would have been lost.

He returned and they enjoyed the comfort of the bed, while she relayed to him lessons of proper cuddling and pillow-talk. The rest of the night was spent alternatively in rest and in training. Grooming techniques. Showers. Pick-up etiquette. Erogenous zones. Touch. Nipples. Lubricant.

As the sun rose over their space, she wanted to ensure that he would get one more experience of being inside her.

As morning sex goes, it started slow. Lazy, gentle kisses; their bodies still waking. She runs her hand lightly across his cock, and his body shudders with pleasure and anticipation. She caresses and guides him and allows the anticipation to build. Finally, the draw of The Thrust makes it so that she can no longer wait.

“Do you want to be inside me?”


This time, they use the sheaths he had made while in isolation. Trojan in construction. She should have warned him. She should have told him to learn and follow the Lifestyles, or even Durex, sheath styles. Although the Trojan style had flashy appearance, the thickness was cumbersome and had a tendency to rip lubrication away, interfering with the transmission of sensation.

But a Trojan sheath they used – some lessons must be learned through experience. He penetrates her. From above, his hips pushing into her. From behind, his hands placed firmly on her hips. At one point she pushed herself on top of him, breasts pendulous and swollen. She moved his hands to her nipples, and he provided resistance for her to thrust against. As his vigor subsides, she gives him permission to come.

He can’t. The sheath is too thick. After the hours and hours of stimulation, her vulva is full to bursting with blood, and although his pleasure is important to her, she needs a release as well. It is time for his final lesson.

She pulls out her vibration droid, and prompts Luke to touch her. Having learned much about bodies earlier in the night, he pulls on her nipples as she places the vibration droid on her clit. While she expected that it would be Luke who would come quickly, it turned out it would be she who would get pushed over the edge with the quickness of a 21 year old virgin. She requests his fingers inside her, and with the expertise of one long trained in The Thrust, he locates her G-Spot.

The pleasure is raw and almost unbearable in its intensity. Not longer than 30 seconds after his fingers entered her, her orgasm began. He continued to caress her G-Spot and The Thrust pervaded her body, pleasure overtaking in her in waves. With the combined force of his surprisingly deft fingers and the vibration droid on her clit, she allowed the orgasm to flow through her for at least 45 seconds. She could have maintained her climax longer, but was afraid to overwhelm young Skywalker with the full capabilities of her body.

Female ejaculation came much, much later in the training.

She stopped her orgasm short, and pushed his fingers out of her.

“You’ve learned much, young one.”

“You’ll find I’m full of surprises.”

She smiled deeply.

Her satisfaction and reverie would be short lived. She felt another tremor in The Thrust. Vader was near, and with a sense of calm, she knew she would have to face her former pupil to save her current one.

She began to dress and informed the C3 droid of her plans, complete with instructions for Luke.

When she returned to the bed, Luke was standing near it, only in his undergarments. She kissed him, hard, on the mouth, knowing she would probably never see him again.

It was time for one last lesson.

“A Jedi’s strength flows from The Thrust. But beware of the Dark Side. Anger, fear, aggression – The dark side of The Thrust are they. Easily they flow, quick to join you in a fight. If once you start down the dark path … it will dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.”

He nodded.

“And remember, The Thrust is with you, young Skywalker, but you are not a Jedi yet.”

She wrapped her arms around him, planting one last lingering kiss on his lips, and walked out of the room.

It was time to face her destiny.


Brenna Morsan faced Vader and lost.

Luke Skywalker escaped the moment she was slain.

Her sacrifice would inspire Luke to redouble his efforts in his apprenticeship of The Thrust.

He would fly in a Rebel attack against the Empire and use The Thrust to destroy the Life Star.

He would become an extremely powerful Jedi – steeped deeply in the light side of The Thrust.

He would go on to face Vader and the Emporer – and win.

The galaxy would rejoice in orgiastic reverie.