Saturday, February 28, 2009

The View

Here's the next episode of the Pen-Pal Series. Short, but very sweet! Enjoy. -Becca

“I get to choose this time,” she demanded.

“But I already had a great one picked out,” her pen-pal complained.

“That’s just too bad. You got to pick the last two. I demand equality!”

“Alright, alright. I can’t argue with that. What did you have in mind?”

“The View.”

“Is the weather there nice enough for that one?”

“Yup! The forecast is clear and sunny skies for the weekend.”

“Fair enough. I’ll see you when I fly in.”

“Can’t wait”

“Me neither.”


The third of their trysts started out similarly to the others. The thrill of seeing one another again … him crushing her against her car with a passionate embrace … glares from the airport security …

Not that she minded the glares. They were well worth it.

It was mid-day. A bit too early to get the festivities started, but she thought it would be nice to delay her gratification.

They decided to eat first. They would need the strength.

They went to a salad place in downtown, deciding that preceding the night’s activities with a heavy meal was not the best strategy.

“So, tell me honestly, how was last month’s adventure for you?”

“Honestly, much hotter than I was expecting. I’ve actually slept with a few men since then.”

As he reminisced, his gaze became soft and his cheeks flushed with arousal.

As she watched this, the familiar twinge of wetness made it’s presence between her legs and her cheeks flushed as well.

He caressed her thigh under the table, furthering the wet progress being made and she took in a deep appreciative breath.

“Thank you for sharing that with me. It’s incredibly hot to know a whole new avenue of sexual expression has been opened for you. And hot to think about. Bonus!”

Their laughter filled the restaurant and they met each others eyes with deep nostalgic smiles of their previous tryst.
Her wetness continued to increase throughout the meal as they chatted, and she could see he was trying very hard to keep himself only half-erect throughout their conversations.

As they got up to leave, she contemplated making that situation worse, but decided to wait until they went back to her car.


The beginning of the drive was filled with an unspoken tension. This would be their first truly public experience, and they were both a bit apprehensive.

As they reached the base of the mountain, she wanted to help relieve the tension, so she reached out to his thigh and caressed it.

“It’s going to be just fine. After the sunset, most people leave.”

As her little car climbed the mountain, she moved her hand higher and higher up his thigh.

Although she needed to keep her eyes on the road, she could see his cock twitch out of the corner of her eye.

Her breathing deepened and she didn’t know how easy it would be to hold out once they got to the top.

He grabbed her hand and placed it on his now fully erect penis, and she could do nothing else but stroke it.

She could feel the upward curve through his slacks and smiled as his head leaned back against the head rest and small moans of approval escaped his lips.

One hand stroking the wheel, the other stroking his cock, they made their way to the top of the mountain.

She parked the car in the parking lot above the main one, so as to afford some privacy.

“Take your dick out. Now,” She ordered.

Being the good boy he was, he unzipped his fly and pulled his engorged cock out of the hole in his boxers.

He started to stroke his rigid manhood, but she slapped his hand away.

“Your attention is needed elsewhere.”

He stared at her, puzzled. With her right hand, she took control of his cock. With her left, she grabbed his hand and placed it under her skirt.

“Got it?” She asked.

He nodded in approval, and decided to tease her for being bossy. He started by stroking her inner thigh. His hands on her bare skin radiated signals up to her cunt, and she could feel her clit respond. She had been wet since he arrived and she could feel moisture pooling, ready to drip.

As he teased her by not immediately plunging his fingers into her waiting wetness, she masterfully handled his dick. She put firm pressure around his shaft, and focusing her fingers on the seam on the underside of his cock. When her hands arrived at his head, she ran her fingers back and forth in a fan over the head. His breath hitched as each finger slowly arrived and then left the head of his cock.

With each progressive stroke, his hands moved closer to her dripping pussy. She realized it was the key to getting what she wanted. So she sped up, just a bit. Not enough to get him off, but enough to speed his progress. As his deep breathing increased, his hand moved closer and closer. She sped up a little more, and his hand hovered at the precipice.

She could feel the warmth from his hand on her pussy lips. She wanted him to plunge his talented fingers into her, filling her up. She wanted to feel the motion as he fucked her with them. She wanted to be able to clamp her PC muscles around his fingers, giving him a preview of the treat his cock was in for later.

He. Just. Hovered.

No matter how she altered her stroke … no matter how she changed her pace … his fingers just hovered, near the entrance of her vagina. She was frustrated and furious and unbelievably turned on all the same time.

When she was beginning to give up hope, he plunged one finger into her.

‘You’re so wet. It’s incredible.”

But instead of proceeding to fuck her with his wonderful fingers, he used the wetness on her vulva. He traced her vulva lips, stopping at the top to give her ridiculously hard clit attention. It felt amazing. She was okay that he had not decided to go straight for the digital penetration … no matter how much she still wanted it.

As he traced letters and numbers and poems onto her vulva, she conducted a symphony on his cock. Their breath quickened in time and although they weren’t looking at one another, they were in perfect harmony.

They both looked out onto the incredible view of the city below them. The suns rays, now obliquely kissing the houses and high rises, made what they were witnessing absolutely breathtaking. The lower the sun got the more vigorous their collective efforts became. As the sun made its final descent behind the horizon, he muttered, “Simply Beautiful.”

She smiled and was startled to see he was looking at her. Her cheeks flushed at his pointed attention. Before she could respond he pressed his lips to hers and plunged his fingers into her.

Her hips ground into them, and she kissed him with renewed fervor. Their tongues wrestled in their mouths and their hands increased in pace.

At one point he gave up on his own pleasure, and pinned her against the driver’s side window. The fog that had accumulated on the windows was disrupted and the condensation pooled where her body disrupted it.

He placed one hand roughly on her tit and pinched her nipple through her shirt and bra. His fingers disappeared back into her. As her body was super turned-on, her G-Spot was nice and full, making it easy for him to find. Having talked to her extensively about the G-Spot, he applied firm upward pressure while stroking it back and forth.

She cried out in ecstasy. It felt so amazing she had to shut her eyes to keep from feeling dizzy. The grunts of his effort wafted up to her ears, and her hips rocked in rhythm with the thrusts of his fingers. She moaned with approval, and started to sweat with the exertion. The smell of sweat and pussy in the small car was driving her crazy and she had to bite her lip to keep from moaning in a way that would get them caught. She let him finger fuck her until she could no longer wait.


He rocked back into the passenger seat, shocked by her outburst.

“Are you okay, I’m sorry, it seemed like you liked what was happening –“

“—Shutup and fuck me, right now.”

His expression changed from concern to desire as he realized why things had stopped so abruptly.

She pulled a condom and some lube out of the dashboard and applied both as quickly as she could. She pushed him back into his seat, and turned with her head over the dash.

“Be as rough as you can. Please.”

He flipped her skirt up and rammed his cock into her.

“Yes, exactly like that.”

The car rocked back and forth, and she was glad she had remembered the emergency brake. It definitely would have rolled off the edge of that parking lot had she not. He fucked her as hard as he could in the small space, and ran a hand through her hair.

“Pull it.”

He obeyed her order and ran his hands as close to her scalp as he could manage. Once he had an ample amount of hair in his hands, he pulled roughly.

Her PC muscles clamped down on his cock in response and a moan escaped both their lips. He pulled her hair and grabbed her breast with his other hand. As he pulled her hair harder, she clamped down more, and he fucked her harder and faster.

“Oh my god, your pussy is incredible. I’m gonna cum. I can’t stop it, you’re so amazing.”

“Cum, I want you to.”

With her permission he thrust a few more times, and let out a low grunt as he expended himself.

She dismounted and sat back in the driver’s seat. He took the condom off his cock and tied it in a knot.

“Where should I put this?”

“Cupholder for now. I’ll take care of it later.”

He leaned down to put the condom in the cupholder and reached toward her. He reached both arms around her waist and their kisses were slow, tentative and tender.

They kissed in the car like that for a while until he breathed into her ear ‘It’s time to get you home so we can get you off.’

Not being one to argue with such impeccable logic, she put her seatbelt on and turned on the defroster. As the windows defogged, she noticed that a car had pulled up and was rocking with a familiar tenor. She looked at him and they both smiled.
As they drove away he placed his hand under her skirt to carress her thigh. Her orgasm-deprived clit jumped to attention, and her eyes closed.

“Uh uh,” she warned, “We’ll definitely get in an accident.”

The drive home crackled with excited energy.

The orgasms she had when she got home were well worth the wait.


“Well that one was short, but very sweet.”

“They can’t all be epic. I don’t know if I could handle it if everything lasted 3,4 hours. I’m just happy we didn’t get caught. Ha!”

“Agreed. So … until the next time?”

“Yup. Oh, and I get to pick again.”

“Right, right. Demanding equality, all that. Fine.”

She knew that he was happier about her choosing then he let on. As he walked into the airport, she slapped his ass and winked at him when he turned around.

“See ya, dollface!”

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Becca Thinks Sexuality Studies Are Important ... and You Should Too!

As many of you may have already heard … and perhaps some of you haven’t … the legislatures in Georgia and Florida are making moves to utilize the economic downturn to cut funding for programs sexuality based studies.

In Georgia, the attack is on UGA courses surrounding oral sex and prostitution. The two representatives claim that these classes are ‘wasteful and unnecessary’ and in essence a waste of taxpayer money in the state. The research being conducted by the professor on prostitution studies the link between male prostitution and STI transmission. The research being done about oral sex is about how societal attitudes surrounding oral sex affect society.

As per the most recent article, the professors received praise for their work and research, but will still stand trial because of the legislators’ actions.

At Florida Atlantic University, the school is going to dissolve the current stand-alone women’s center and push it into the School of Communication and Media Studies. The MA program in Women’s Studies is also under attack. The school is thinking of shutting down the program and they ‘hope’ that they will be able to reinstate it in the future.

So, again, sexuality is being marginalized and the programs that work to further our understanding are under attack in the guise of ‘fiscal responsibility.’

Now that the issue has been summarized, I will put in my two cents on the issue. But before doing so, I will paste a link to a petition which is speaking out against the moves by these legislative bodies.

If you’re not convinced simply by the summary of the situation, I will talk about why I think you should sign this petition in the following blog post, and re-paste the link at the end. If you’re already on board, sign the petition now, and read my blog post later. Ha!

My Two Cents:

I am APPALLED … and saddened.

This to me is the classic sad story of this generation of legislators, which continues to believe that silence surrounding sex and sexuality is the best possible approach.

I take three basic issues with this new attack. I will state my three issues, and then I will expand upon my reasoning.

#1 UGA is a public institution.
#2 When sexuality studies are denied, the consequences manifest themselves on the bodies of the populace.
#3 The legislature in these two states are, again, subjugating an entire class of people based on cultural perceptions of importance.

Ehem. Let’s begin.

#1 UGA is a public institution.

I am non-religious. This is a commonly known fact. As someone who is non-religious, my hard earned tax dollars fund what I’m sure are hundreds of religious studies programs. They fund religion focused student groups. They fuel some groups, even, who might perpetuate hate as a result of their religious beliefs.

Do I want my tax dollars to go to religious studies, when they could be funding queer studies programs? No, of course not. Would I ever try to abolish religious studies in the institutions of higher learning in my state as a result of my sentiment?

Oh Hells No.

Why? Because, regardless of whether or not I am comfortable or happy with the idea of someone studying religion, as a rational human being, I understand that religion exists. And not only does it exist, but it affects such a large group of people both domestically and worldwide that I know it would be ridiculous to cut off attempts to further understand the implications of organized (and dis-organized) religion in the country and/or world. The more that we think about, analyze, and understand; the more power we have to attempt to change those parts of religion that can possibly be destructive. The more power we have to can attempt to bridge gaps between different religions, and possibly alleviate some of the strife felt when large groups of religious sects clash.

Despite my opinions about religion, the study of religion is valuable and important. Even though I don’t see myself becoming a pupil of religious studies (or a believer for that matter), and perhaps will never be comfortable with the idea of large masses of people blindly following ideologies put forth by churches, I would never begrudge someone their right to engage critically with religion.

Just like religion, sexuality exists and affects everyone. And, as we’ve seen in this country with the rates of rape, unplanned pregnancy, and sex-negativity, there are blatantly negative effects of sexuality. This, in my opinion, will only be assuaged by letting our greatest minds and thinkers take a crack at a more critical look at sexuality.

The representatives in Georgia, however, don’t seem to be as rational or clear-thinking as myself, and believe that silence is the best plan of action. It is not a veiled fact that their actions stem from their religious beliefs, which takes us (again … sigh) to the clash between church and state. This country was based upon the separation of the two, and yet we only elect leaders who would push these agendas and blur a line that should be completely clear based upon our constitution.

If legislators really adhered to the values upon which our country was based, they would recognize that even if their constituencies aren’t happy about it, a public institution is there to try to reach the needs of as many taxpayers as possible – even if that potentially means conflicts of interest at times. There are queer folks and part-time sex workers and women who pay taxes in Georgia. And I would care to wager that this demographic of people do feel that the programs and classes being offered at UGA are far from worthless, and in fact are necessary to break the cycles of hate, violence and discrimination that plague these communities.

UGA is a public institution designed to advance thought in all arenas, not just the ones that are socially or religiously palatable. These legislators are doing a disservice to this institution by attempting to use a crisis to shut down programs that positively benefit tax-payers, and that some tax-payers fully support.

#2 When sexuality studies are denied, the consequences manifest themselves on the bodies of the populace.

When we don’t let the greatest minds and thinkers study sexuality, we are left in the dark about an entire canon of knowledge that directly affects us.

Abstinence-only sex education is a direct example of this. Our top legislators decided that not talking to our teens about sex was the best way to go about things. Our top minds and thinkers were only given money to think about and develop these programs. These programs were implemented across the country and what was the result?

For the first time in over a decade, the rates of teen pregnancy increased. Success!! Oh … wait.

Imagine what would have happened if all that abstinence-only funding had gone to thinking more critically about and examining more deeply comprehensive sexuality education programming.

Imagine how many teens would have utilized proper methods of protection. Imagine how many teens would not have had to face down the choice of keeping the baby or terminating the pregnancy. Imagine how many teens would have avoided having to endure 9 months of pregnancy and then giving that child up. Imagine how many teens would still be enjoying their youth status, instead of being prematurely catapulted into adulthood.

But instead we informed our teens that condoms weren’t perfect, so abstinence was the only way!

Our cultural discomfort with sex directly manifested itself in a failure to our youth. Because we are unable to think, talk or stomach the idea of dialogue around sexuality, we failed our future.

This current assault is no exception. These legislators would rather silence the important study of HIV prevention and attitudes surrounding oral sex so that they don’t have to deal with it. It’s ridiculous and short sighted and makes me angry.

And it’s all about language. These representatives hear the word queer studies, and I would bet they know very little about what that means. Instead of doing some research and quelling their own ignorance, they would rather let their ignorance dictate that these programs be cancelled.

When queer studies programs are cancelled, lives are lost.

When people don’t know what’s going on in the queer community, people like Brandon Teena and Gwen Araujo die because of ignorance and misinformation. Because when our greatest minds aren’t allowed to study these things, the populace remains shrouded in continuing ignorance. Ignorance creates fear, and, for some, that fear justifies what is in my opinion, unjustifiable violence.

And even if violence isn’t enacted upon the bodies of those within the queer community, a dearth of understanding can lead to feelings of isolation and aloneness within the community, which can in turn lead to suicidality or other unhealthy manifestations of these feelings of isolation.

Here’s how I see things: With more understanding, comes more acceptance and tolerance. With more acceptance and tolerance comes a sense of belonging and well-being. A sense of belonging and well-being translates into productive community members.

And productive community members are good for everyone, including those who don’t identify within that community.

And isn’t that the goal of the legislature? To enact processes within the community that will make it better, rather than worse?

It also needs to be noted that we live in a world where women are STILL paid less than their male counterparts for equal work. FAU, according to one article, is a place where male professors make $16,000 more a year than female professors. That reality alone should be a sign to administrators that the women’s center is not only necessary, but should be required to remain open until that gap no longer exists.

Also … it seems to me that women’s studies programs are part of a greater movement that helped women in the legislature to even be there.

Respect the processes that put you where you are women in the legislature.

#3 The legislature in these two states is, again, subjugating an entire class of people based on cultural perceptions of importance.

It’s is always interesting to me what the first subject on the chopping block will be when financial times are bad.

Sexuality studies are real life. You don’t rock sexuality studies, everyone suffers (as per my previous talking point).

But sexuality studies is an easy target. There are very few formalized sexuality programs, and so fighting back is not as easy. You don’t have an alumni (read: donor) base to piss off. The sexuality community is often fragmented, and so mobilizing or finding allies in other sexuality programs can be difficult.

Plus, because we continue to shroud sex in a cloud of silence, it scares people, and the general ignorant populace will either agree or see no reason to speak out.

But the discrimination here is simply a continuation of the discrimination against these classes of people experienced on a day to day basis.

No one cares about LGBTQI people … let’s cut their programming.

Sexuality is scary … we’ll just cut the programming … no one will care.

No one cares about women … sigh.

When I hear about these types of cuts, these are the messages I hear.

And at the end of the day, I can’t believe this is the message the legislature is trying to send.

I think they are scared and misguided and let their fear overpower their sense of rational thought, and don’t think about the messages of bigotry, intolerance and hate they are portraying to the public.

In the end I am sad that these people would allow their opinions to dictate such translucently discriminatory action.

And I am angry, and so I write to assuage my sense of anger, and to do my part to fight it.

I don’t live in Georgia or Florida, but I signed the petition.

I hope you will too.

In angry solidarity,

PS. The students at UGA are grown ass adults, and their enrollment determines what’s important to be studied. If a class is well attended, then the students have spoken to its importance. If the students don’t like the idea of that class, they won’t take it. The fact that the classes at UGA exist and are taken, means they are deemed important.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oldie But Goodie: A Day I Would Never Forget

This is an erotic tale I wrote way back in December of 2006. I was with my best Cal Band Buddies attending the Vegas Bowl as a field assistant. There were a few men who we considered incredibly hot at the time, who I, of course, decided to write an erotica piece about on my laptop in my downtime. I used very thinly veiled anagrams, which were very fun to make, and if you know any of the folks involved, you may be able to figure out their true identities.

This erotica, however is obviously not based upon any true events, so no one in this erotica should be held responsible for the content therein. It all came from my sexy imagination.

I ended up reading this erotica aloud over the bus' PA system on the ride home. After which, our older male bus driver responded by saying "I was in the army, I've heard worse."

The best part is, the story of the erotica over the PA system is still a part of Cal Band lore. I had a current bandsmen at a ski trip I was recently on ask my name. When I told him, he knew of me because of the erotica. Hilarious stuff. Enjoy!


A Day I Would Never Forget
An Erotic Tale by Becca K. Brewer

Starring: Alen Lammue, Thanyon Rodruezig, Ffej Amazeflan, Lihp Capsom, Dr Eke Chubskerlot, Anaje Viscerahod, Tarsikin Aleco, and Almssei Senjink.

It was a day that I would never forget. My morning in Dr. Chubskerlot’s office started out normally enough. Him, engaged in tirades around the office, being dictatorial to his workers – my hangover a dull reminder of the bad decisions made the night previously. I sat in the receptionist area in a flattering black tank top, my small, but supple breasts taunting subtly. But as they walked into the office, I knew that this day the seduction would not be mine but rather theirs.

I bat my well mascara’d eyelashes and said, “Names, please.”

“Thanyon, Thanyon Rodruezig, I have an appointment at 10:30,” said the man on the right. His striking hazel eyes penetrated into my own hazel ones, immediately making my nipples poke through my black tank top. He noticed and smiled.

I donned my most seductive smile, and looked to the man on the left. “And your name, sir?”

“Alen Lammue. My appointment is at 10:45.” His full black curls framed his boyish olive face. As I look at their recently pulled charts … I realize that they’re both scheduled for colonoscopies. Not something Dr. Chubskerlot normally performs, especially 15 minutes apart. And then I realize the game. I smile coyly at the two of them, and ask, “Would you two like to be in the same exam room … you know, for moral support?”

Alen turns to Thanyon, trying to mask the excitement I’ve incited in him. Thanyon touches his cheek gingerly, and answers for the both of them. “While I wouldn’t normally consider that, the procedures that we’re signed up for are a bit new for us, and it would be great to have each others’ support.”

“Not a problem,” I answer. “It’s your legal right to have a friend in the room during this procedure.” I’ve already paged one of our nurses to take them to their room, and she makes her entrance. Even in her scrubs she is statuesque with amazing bone structure and a great ass. “This will be your nurse, Anaje Viscerahod. She’ll take you to the exam room.” I see Alen’s eyes move up and down her body.

Anaje smiles at Alen and says, “Right this way, gentleman.” She follows behind them, looks at me over her shoulder and mouths, “Damn they’re hot.” I nod and close the receptionist window in order to watch what is to come.

I follow behind, and watch Anaje tell Thanyon and Alen to strip down. She comes out of the room, and calls over another one of our nurses Tarsiken Aleco. We watch through the window. Alen and Thanyon are already in just boxers, and Alen approaches Thanyon. He caresses Thanyon’s body, and frees Thanyon’s enormous throbbing cock from his underwear. Thanyon smiles, and pulls Alen’s mouth roughly to his. Alen strokes Thanyon’s cock, and then we see Dr. Chubskerlot approaching the door.

Anaje springs into action, and catches the Doc to orient him to the patient charts. Tarsiken knocks on the door and announces loudly to Alen and Thanyon, “The Dr. will be entering you … I mean the room, now.”

The doctor enters the room and introduces himself. I’m Dr. Chubskerlot, Dr. Eke Chubskerlot. You can just call me Dr. Eke. I see you two are scheduled for colonoscopies, who should I do first?” In two gloved hands, Dr. Eke whips out his … rectal speculum, and starts to liberally apply lube.

Thanyon, still fully erect, his chiseled body accented in the light of the exam room, looks Dr. Eke in the eye, and says, “Give it to me first, Dr. Eke.” Thanyon bends over the exam table, making the paper crinkle as Dr. Eke surmises the situation. He drops the speculum … and then his pants. Pants around his ankles, his thick dick glistens with pre-cum. He pulls a condom out of his pocket and hands it to Alen, who obediently puts it on with his mouth. Dr. Eke pushes Alen away and applies lubricant to Thanyon’s waiting orifice. Thanyon moans with pleasure as the cold lubricant touches his skin. Dr. Eke, slowly at first, enters Thanyon, and begins to thrust. Thanyon, mid-moan, looks at Alen and smiles. Alen knows exactly what to do, and is quick to take all 8 inches of Thanyon into his throat. Thanyon, knowing Alen is new at this, guides him caringly. Alen can feel Thanyon’s cock become more and more firm, as Dr. Eke pounds away, and as Alen becomes more skillful in his craft. Soon, the situation becomes imminent.

Thanyon tenderly grabs Alen’s face and asks, “Where do you want me to come?” Alen takes Thanyon’s fully engorged rod back into his mouth, in order to answer the question. Thanyon’s hot load shoots into Alen’s mouth, just as Dr. Eke climaxes behind Thanyon.

Their three bodies went limp, and Thanyon delicately kisses Alen on the mouth. “You did such a good job.”

Alen smiles, and then turns away from Thanyon to address Dr. Eke. “Dr. Eke … I think it’s time for my appointment.” Dr. Eke explains that he will have to do the exam this time with his mouth. Alen’s face lights up, and says, “Well, whatever you think is best doctor.”

As Dr. Eke begins to eat Alen’s ass … Anaje, Tarsiken, and I are speechless… but I know we’re all thinking the same thing. Thanyon stands up and pulls on his boxer shorts and walks outside toward us. He looks at me and says, “Thanks for letting us share the room.”

“Anytime,” I respond, just as I realize that there are probably more patients waiting to be checked in.

As I walk away, I hear the following exchange between Tarsiken, Anaje, and Thanyon.

Tarsiken says, “So, you always all about the ass action?”

“No, actually this is new for me and Alen. We thought it would be fun…. I have to say it was. Plus, we know that Dr. Eke is shady enough to agree. But we’re usually down for other … wetter activities. You know like …?

“— Eating Pussy?? Anaje interjected, getting closer to Thanyon.

“Actually,” Thanyon responded pulling both Anaje and Tarsiken closer to him, “I was going to say ‘Fucking Nurses,’ but I’m down for you to have it your way.”

I desperately wanted to watch what came next, but my suspicions of patients in the waiting room was confirmed when I saw two new men waiting in line to be checked in.

Dr. Chubskerlot obviously had sex on the brain when he scheduled the appointments for the day, as the two men standing in the waiting room were almost as hot as Thanyon and Alen.

My pussy was dripping and my nipples were practically tearing through my shirt, and I’m sure that my cheeks were flushed. I greeted the first gentleman, “Hi there, sorry for the wait.”

He leaned his tall, lean body into the counter, and said, “For you, no problem.”

My cunt tingled and I flashed him my previously practiced seductive smile. “What’s your name?”

“Ffej Amazeflan. I’m here for a routine check up.” I asked him to sit down, and told him the doctor would be right with him. As I told him that, our third nurse, Almssei Senjink, came in for her shift.

“Almssei,” I said, “you need to cancel all our appointments for the rest of the day and lock our outside door. And then take the tall one, his name is Ffej Amazeflan, to exam room three.”

“Why do I have to cancel our appointments?” She asked, bewildered.

“Go look in exam rooms 1 and 2 … that’s why.” I told her impatiently. There was still another hot patient to attend to and I was getting anxious.

She came back with cheeks flushed, and said, “I see, I’m on it. And I get this one … I mean get to take this one to exam room three?” I nodded in approval. As she walked toward the door, I noticed that Ffej was undressing her with his eyes. I imagined their bodies rubbing up against one another in exam room three, and I shivered with delight. Just as they were both climaxing in my mind, Almssei said, “Mr. Amazeflan, come with me.” As Ffej stood up, you could see his hard cock just waiting to be liberated from his pants. I flashed a smile at Almssei, and she winked back at me.

Then I realized the set of eyes on me – or rather on my titties. He leaned over the counter, his chin supported by his wonderfully ripped arms. I sat down in my chair with an exaggerated bounce, for effect, and leaned over so my tits were almost spilling out of my tank top and asked, “Hi, how can I help you?”

“My name is Lihp Capsom,” he said after a nervous swallow, “I’m here for a physical … I’m kind of in a hurry.”

Tired of pretense, and fully knowing this man wasn’t going to get a physical I coyly smiled and said, “Well, all the exam rooms are full right now. I could help make the wait more interesting.”

He looked at me with confusion. Instead of explaining … I walked around to the waiting room and began to unbuckle his belt. I could see his defined pecs through the cheesy Hawaiian print on the tight sleeveless shirt he was wearing. As I worked on his belt I paused and asked, “Is this okay?”

He smiled, kissed my neck, and helped my hand to unbutton the top button of his pants. “Oh god yes, please.”

I made short work of taking off the rest of his pants, dropped to my knees, and pulled his cock out through the hole in his boxers – it was pretty average, but hot enough for the moment. I put his tumescence in my mouth and went to work. As I worked happily on him, he pulls my tits out of my shirt and starts to pinch my nipples. He groans in approval, I arch in approval, and I put my right hand into my pants. I vigorously rub my swollen clit, roll it between fingers, and then I feel the warmth spread and my body contract. I continue to suck his beautiful cock as I cum, making eye contact with him. He has now started an all-on assault on my titties, and he soon comes all over them. I smile, and tell him that he’ll be escorted to a room shortly.

I walk to exam room 1 and see that Dr. Eke is happily asleep on the exam table, with cum shining on his stomach. I look into the window to exam room 3, and see Ffej and Alen alone, waiting with large smiles on their face. Almssei passes me, with a confused looking Anaje in tow. They enter the room and Almssei, like the dom she is, begins to issue orders.

“Ffej, on your knees, now.” Almssei orders. Ffej jumps to obey Almssei’s orders, and is quickly at her waist. Almssei and Anaje make eye contact, and Almssei simply points at Anaje. Being the good boy that he is, Ffej crawls over to Anaje, and begins to kiss her stomach and thighs. Anaje grabs the back of his head and looks at Almssei. Almssei understands, and simply says, “Feast.” Ffej looks at Anaje, pulls her hot black thong down, and begins to skillfully lick her cunt. Anaje smiles at Almssei and arches in delight.

At this point Alen looks lonely, so Almssei snaps, and points to her feet. Alen looks at her incredulously, and does not move. Almssei crosses her arms, and then crosses the exam room toward Alen. She pushes him harshly onto the exam table and climbs up onto his naked body. “I guess it’ll have to be the hard way then…”

She holds his hands above his head so he can’t move them, and begins to lick, suck, and lightly bite Alen all over his body. His breath quickens, and he moans, “More, yes, ungh.” Alen runs his hands along her sensous curves, paying particular attention to her amazing pink nipples. The biting intensifies and Almssei continues to move her mouth lower and lower. Alen approves, “Yes, lower.”

Not one to take orders herself, she stops, much to Alen’s dismay. Almssei, however was also not one to disappoint. She pulls a condom out and puts it on Alen’s rigid manhood. Almssei looks Alen in the eyes and says, “How about this instead?” She climbs back up on the exam table and slides Alen’s dick into her wanton pussy. As their rhythm and intensity increases, Almssei looks at Ffej and Anaje and she fucks Alen harder and faster.

Ffej and Anaje are tearing at each other’s clothes at this point, no longer content with just orally pleasing one another. Ffej’s hands run up and down Anaje’s body, as Anaje kisses Ffej’s ear. Ffej shivers with delight and whispers, “I want to be inside you, coach.” Anaje whispers back, “Uuuuuh, yes.”

At this point I get a bit overwhelmed and I leave them to attend to Lihp in the waiting room. But he’s already standing behind me. He reaches around to fondle my breasts, and I’m so wet I can feel liquid drip down my leg. I can also feel his hard cock pressed into my back, as he whispers dirty nothings into my ear. I turn around and kiss him hard on the mouth and then say, “I want you to make yourself cum.” He stares at me for a second, and then whips out his dick and starts working. His face flushes in concentration, as he moves his hand up and down his shaft. I stand, smugly, knowing that he’ll cum soon. His face tightens, and his load shoots right in front of my feet.

“That was hot, baby,” I say to him, “Go take five.”

I walk past him and enter exam room 2.

There I see Thanyon in his black boxers straddling a fully clothed Tersikin. He’s whispering inaudibly in her ear, and she’s giggling softly. He moves his mouth from her ear to her mouth, and they start to engage in some unbearably passionate kissing. Their tounges move with one another in what seems like a well choreographed dance. Thanyon’s hands move to Tersikin’s trim stomach, and you can hear her breathing become heavy and erratic. Thanyon slowly slips her shirt over her head, exposing a really sexy lacy black bra. He kisses her nipples through her bra, and she grabs his head, prompting him to work on her nipples at a more strenuous pace. At this point Thanyon has moved his hand into her scrub bottoms and begins to masterfully massage her clit. Tersikin helps his endeavor by slipping off her bottoms, to reveal the matching sexy lace undies. Still straddling her, Thanyon begins to rock his pelvis into her through his boxers, while attempting to take off her bra. He endures an endearing struggle, and then finally finds his victory when her small perky tits are revealed. They look deeply into each others eyes, and Tersikin begins to stimulate her own nipples. Thanyon grabs her hands, kisses them softly, and then puts them on his cock. Tersikin rubs his hard dick through his boxers, and Thanyon puts her nipples in his mouth. Their bodies move with one another, and Thanyon’s mouth begins to move lower and lower down Tersikin’s abdomen. His breath is hot on her skin as he slides her sexy black panties off. He looks to her for permission, and she nods her approval. He plunges his mouth onto her cunt, and starts by lightly sucking her labia. His hands reach up to her breasts to provide more stimulation. He moves to putting a soft tongue on her clit, and upon the intensifying of her moans, hardens his tongue for harder stimulation. “I’m about to cum,” Tersikin whispers. Thanyon stops, and turns his body so that they are in a 69 position. Tersikin removes his boxers, and takes his dick into her mouth. His body shivers as he goes back to work. It’s as if they rehearsed … their bodies move and convulse, and they cum simultaneously. I think to myself, “Wow … didn’t think that was possible.” Thanyon climbs off of Tersikin, brings her onto his lap, and they engage in a post coital cuddle. Her head rests on his shoulder, and he softly kisses her forehead.

Not being one much for post-coital cuddles and mushy sentiments like that myself, I walk out of the room to find Lihp asleep in the receptionist chair looking pretty satiated. The Dr. is still asleep, and Anaje, Ffej, Almssei and Alen are now having a full blown orgy. I almost consider joining, but I look at my watch … its 3pm. And I find in myself an intense hunger. I think I’ll go get a burrito.