Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Chase of Epic Proportions

Hello Hello! So, I, like a dummy, did not renew my domain name and now it's not working. I'm talking to my webhosting service to remedy that situation, but did not want to deprive my readers, so I'll be doing my posting here until further notice.

The second of what I'm going to call "The Pen-Pal Saga," this is by far the longest Erotica I've ever written, so make sure you're ready to take a seat and have lots of lube and/or cookies handy (whichever you're enjoying while reading) to sustain you through this epic tale.

Love love love.


A Chase of Epic Proportions

She woke up and was unsure if the scene transpiring before her was a dream. As she shook off the grogginess of post-sex sleep, she was immediately turned on by the reality of the situation. She had hoped this would be the outcome, but she wasn’t going to push anyone past their boundaries. Both men had pretty much sworn it would never happen, but she supposed over the course of their tryst, something had changed in the both of them. She was especially glad that it was of their own volition and she had suggested nothing.


“I’m glad we decided to do this.” She said to her pen-pal over the phone, “It’s given me more masturbation fodder than you can imagine over the past month. Imagining which one we’re going to do next … how it’s going to play out …mmmm. The thoughts have pushed me over the edge many times.”

“That’s incredible … but I’m at work, so if you could lay off a little bit, that would be much appreciated. No lie, the thought of that is incredibly hot, but I’m getting a little too excited … if you catch my drift.”

“Duly noted. But, since this is the last time I’m going to get to talk to you before you come out … which one is next?”

“Although it’s not my favorite, my New Year’s Resolution was to start trying things I said I never try. If I don’t do the one I’m thinking of while my resolve is still strong … I don’t think I’ll ever do it.”

“I know EXACTLY which one you’re talking about. And by the way, I’m already super wet just thinking about it.”

“Jesus, now I won’t be able to leave my desk for awhile. Thanks.”

“You’re Welcome!!”



She was still in a bit of disbelief about what she was witnessing. They were both definitely straight. They were both definitely gorgeous. They were both definitely about to embark on something beautifully sexual with one another. And, unbeknownst to them, they were definitely going to let her watch.

They were still in that tentative phase with one another. Not knowing who was in control, who was supposed to sit back and allow pleasure to be bestowed upon them. They were standing next to her bed, facing one another, hands delicately tracing the hard lines of the other’s body. They were both incredibly chiseled, and she imagined the delight they must be feeling in exploring the body of a man for the first time. Although right now things were moving slowly, she could sense the intensity that was soon to be released.

She watched as their cocks twitched. Not ready to burst into the incredible erections she had experienced personally earlier, but on the cusp. The tension was incredible and her clit tingled with anticipation.

And that’s when it happened. Her Pen-Pal took control. Standing at an even 6’, he was the shorter of the two. He stood on his tip-toes to bridge the 6” height gap, plunged his fingers into the other man’s dreads, and brought their mouths together. It was as if a dam broke in that moment. Just like when all tension breaks in a sexual situation, the two men began frantically grasping at one another -- breath intermingling in heavy pants, arms pulling the other in as if one would escape.

Her cheeks flushed with arousal, and she tried to stifle her own quickening breath so as not to intrude upon the scene unfolding before her. So shifted her position ever so slightly and began to massage her own swelling clitoris.

Their strong powerful bodies mashed together, and a slight sheen of sweat began to form as their kissing increased in pace and intensity. She knew that they were both incredible kissers, and her clit throbbed thinking about how hot it must be for them to enjoy that in one another.


When she picked him up from the airport, he slammed her against her car in a hard kiss. His hard dick pressed into her thigh and she was forced to push him back, lest she get too into the moment herself. She didn’t think the airport security would be too happy if they started fucking in the arrivals area…

She picked up his bags and as she bent over to put them into the cargo space of her car, he grabbed her hips and she could feel his hard cock press against her already moistening pussy. Her breath heaved, but again, she resisted. That fantasy was for another day.

Dick rigid and pussy dripping, they entered the car. He leaned toward her in an attempt to kiss her again, and she responded by breathily saying, ‘Seatbelts!”

Thwarted, he playfully groaned and put his seatbelt on, careful not to spear his erect cock in the process.

“So, ‘The Threesome’?” She said coyly.

“Very astute. I trust that you’ve already made arrangements with a third party.”

“I have. We’re on our way to a restaurant so that you can meet him.”

“What’s his story?”

“His name is Chase. He’s straight, in great shape, gorgeous, and has never been in this kind of threesome before. He expressed his desire to stay away from the guy-on-guy action, which I thought you would appreciate. While that’s not necessarily my fantasy, I didn’t want to push you too far and ruin this incredible arrangement we have.”

“I do appreciate that consideration. I just don’t know if I’m ready to fuck a dude. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome. I realize that we’re not going to be able to make all of my fantasies come true to the letter, and this was a compromise I was willing to make. It just means more attention for me anyway.”

Having talked business, the rest of their car ride consisted of bullshit, flirting and small talk. They were both a little nervous for the upcoming meeting – she that he wouldn’t like the other man she had chosen, and he that he was about meet a man to share her with.

They arrived, and were shown to the table where Chase was already waiting. He stood up, kissed her on the cheek and shook her pen pal’s hand. Seeing the two of them together sent a shock-wave of arousal through her.

She had a flash in her mind of Chase’s strong, dark brown arms wrapped around her pen-pal’s equally powerful tawny body. The sound of the deep, masculine moans reverberated through her imagination as they pleasured each other in her mind.

The flush on her cheeks and the heave of her chest gave her thoughts away, and before her two lovers could get uncomfortable, she began the introduction process.

Over the course of their meeting, they discussed safer sex, boundaries, safe words, power dynamics, likes, dislikes, and duration of play interspersed with the three of them getting to know each other better. Pen-Pal and Chase had many similar interests, and she smirked as they lapsed into conversation without her several times throughout the night. When they had completely negotiated the terms of play, they all said their goodbyes.

“He’s awesome. I’m stoked to be sharing you with him.”

“Good, I was afraid you wouldn’t like him because he’s taller than you.”

“He’s not THAT much taller.”

“6” is a whole average sized erect penis, my friend.”



After an incredible make-out session between the two men, Chase started getting more aggressive. Chase pushed Pen-Pal against the closet door, causing Pen-Pal to moan in a mixture of erotic pain and ecstasy. Although Chase was the larger of the two, her pen-pal was in incredible shape, and would not be outdone. He started to struggle against Chase’s grip on his wrists, to which Chase responded with pressing the entirety of his 6’6” body against Pen-Pal.

They struggled with both their mouths and their bodies, and she could tell they were bucking their hips against one another, creating friction for their now fully erect cocks. Pen-pal, knowing he would not win the battle with brute strength, pulled out of their violently passionate kiss and surprised Chase by dropping to one knee. Chase’s cock was inches from Pen-Pal’s face, and he gently licked the tip. Not expecting this, Chase let go of Pen-Pal’s hands and shuddered with pleasure. Pen-Pal took this opportunity to swivel behind Chase, wrench his arm behind his back, and press Chase’s body against the closet door.

With the hand that wasn’t free, Chase grabbed his cock and began furiously jacking himself off. Realizing he had won the battle, Pen-Pal, slid his hand into Chase’s crack and began caressing Chase’s hole.

She sat in awe of how far this was going, and rubbed at her clit at a pace to match Chase’s. Her vulva was engorged to point of bursting, and her juices had run down her thighs onto the bed. Chase let out a low guttural moan as Pen-Pal inserted first one, then two fingers into Chase’s rectum. Chase stopped fucking himself and braced his hands on the closet door, elevating his pelvis so Pen-Pal could finger fuck him at a better angle. Pen-pal reached his hand through Chase’s legs and began caressing Chase’s balls and the root of his cock. Imagining Chase’s pleasure, she began to caress her own body, which was on fire with arousal. She was getting too warm, and she had to shift out from the covers. When she lifted the sheets off her body, the smell of sweat and her own arousal wafted into her nostrils, only causing her wetness to increase.


When Chase arrived, he was well dressed, as always. Dress slacks showed off his ample, perfect booty, and the sweater he wore was just tight enough to show the shapely muscles concealed underneath. Pen-Pal also looked sharp in his designer jeans and dress shirt. Both men had requested she wear as little as possible, as they weren’t going to let her wear anything for very long. She had opted for a sexy silk robe, heels, and nothing else.

“Before we begin … let’s just do one last safe-word check.”




With the safe words established, she walked over to Chase and felt the muscle underneath the clothes. She looked into his deep brown eyes, and he immediately took her into him and their full lips met for the first time. Pen-Pal walked over into the fray and began rubbing her back, sending pulses of pleasure through her whole body. Being lavished from all sides was at once overwhelming and exciting, and it did not take long before her breath was heaving and her skin was flushed with arousal.

Chase picked her up and she wrapped her body around his. Letting her arms fully extend from their position around his next, she angled herself backward and started grinding her hips on his already rigid cock. Her bare pussy rubbed on the soft fabric of his slacks, pleasing her more than Chase probably knew. Pen-pal took this opportunity to reach around her body and rub her titties and torso through the silky fabric of her robe while kissing her neck and ears. Had Chase not been holding onto her ass with such a firm grip she would have lost control and fallen onto the floor in a heap of rapture. She may not have been able to come without her vibe, but she was damn sure enjoying the ride.

It was going to be a fun night.


Although she had been careful to be quiet and discreet when she released herself from the warm prison of bed sheets, the smell of her arousal tipped the two men off to the fact that she was now awake. Both Chase and Pen-Pal snapped out of their lustful reverie, and she turned her eyes down, upset that she had stopped their progress with one another.

When she looked up, however, Pen-Pal had a glimmer in his eye, and she knew he was up to something. He brought his mouth to Chase’s ear and whispered something inaudible into his ear. Chase nodded his head in approval.

Pen-Pal pointed at her and started barking orders. “You. Back against the wall.”

She was curious as to what he was up to, but followed his orders. As soon as her back was to the wall, Pen-Pal approached her and wrenched her legs so she was spread Eagle. “Don’t move.”

Pen-Pal returned to Chase, and returned to his previous hold on Chase’s body. In one swift movement, Pen-Pal swiveled Chase’s body around, and bent him over the bed. Chase’s head was planted so close to her pussy she could feel the heat from his body caress her vulva lips. Her hips bucked in approval, and she began to move her hands back to her clitoris when another something unexpected happened.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. I do remember telling you not to move. Here are the rules. We’re thoroughly enjoying this, and we know you are too, but you didn’t ask us permission to watch. So, you need to be punished. If you touch yourself, we move this elsewhere. If you moan, we move this elsewhere. If you try to touch either of us, we move this elsewhere. If your hips, swirl, buck or twitch in any way other than keeping yourself comfortable, we move this elsewhere. Do you understand the rules?”

She had no choice. If she didn’t see the end of this, she would regret it forever. “Yes.”

Pen-Pal nodded his head in acknowledgement and ran his hand up and down Chase’s muscular back. Chase’s breath deepened and he looked back at Pen-Pal and said “I want you to fuck me.”


They moved quickly into the bedroom, and she wasted no time in ordering them to strip down completely. The sight of the two chiseled men, fully erect, standing with arms crossed waiting to please her almost made her lose her footing. But, she wasn’t going to rush … she, as always, wanted to enjoy the view.

“Start fucking yourselves” she ordered. Each man took their hard dicks into their hands and started stroking. She admired the difference in stroke, the difference in pace, and the difference in technique.

Chase used his left hand. His dick was longer than Pen-Pal’s, but had less girth to it. He would stroke up one side, and then turn his hand over and stroke down the other. The pace was steady and the motion almost artistic. His cock was slightly curved to the left and he seemed to slow every time he would get to the curve, shivering with pleasure as he did so. He looked at her as he fucked himself and she watched as his eyes coveted the curves of her body.

Pen-Pal was right handed. His stroke was vigorous as he pulled his foreskin over his head repeatedly. His eyes were closed and his head would fall back slightly each time the foreskin fell back to its resting place. His entire body flexed with the effort, and her pussy was wet thinking of the amount of effort he was putting into fucking himself. She couldn’t wait for it to be transferred to her.

She walked in between the two of them, running her hands up the musculature of their thighs, abdomens, shoulders, and then down their backs. She ended by grabbing each of their asses and then plopping herself down on the bed.

She wanted to tell them to start making out. She wanted to let them watch her fuck herself as they felt the joy of each others mouths and cocks and assholes. Her pussy contracted with the thought, but she knew that wasn’t in the cards for the night. So instead, it was time for her to get hers.

“Chase … you will be fucking me. Grab a condom.”

Pen-Pal’s eyes looked slightly disappointed until she said “You, get ready to fuck my mouth.”

She lay on her back with her head hanging off the edge of the bed.

Chase pulled her legs apart and planted his luscious lips on hers. His mouth moved from hers to her neck, to her tits, to her abdomen, and finds its final resting place on her pussy. As Chase began to work his oral magic on her, pen-pal fell to his knees, supported her head and brought their mouths together. He began to tweak one nipple and Chase followed his lead by teasing the other. The stimulation of her nipples sent bolts of pleasure to her clit and she moaned into Pen-Pal’s mouth.

Chase removed his mouth from her clit and inserted his thick fingers into her wet cunt. His thrusts were hard and steady and she arched in anticipation of his hard cock filling her throbbing soaking cooch.

She released herself momentarily from Pen-Pal’s kiss and pleaded, “Fuck me, both of you…”

Both responded quickly. Chase slid a condom over his cock, and Pen-Pal stood. The two men made eye contact, and with subtle nods thrust both cocks into her body. So that she could get figure out how to handle two cocks in her at once, the combined rhythm of their thrusts started slow and methodical. At first, it was hard for her to concentrate on both cocks, and the cock in her mouth gets ignored. But after a few minutes, she finds her strategy and groove, and Pen-Pal moans his approval.

The pull of her powerful thighs invited Chase to increase his pace while her mouth clamped even tighter around Pen-Pal’s beautiful cock. Pen-Pal supported the underside of her head with one hand, and roughly mashed his hand into her left tit with the other. She let out a low guttural groan as both cocks pump away in her body.

For just a moment she pushed Pen-Pal out of her mouth and had just enough time to ask for her vibe before Pen-Pal filled her mouth again with his ample cock.

Chase gladly obliged, handing her the toy.

The amount of stimulation was like nothing she had ever experienced before. Chase pumped his tumescence into her, and moaned in short bursts as she turned her vibe onto the low setting. Pen-pal continued to steady her head, and now all she could do for him was hold still as he used her tit as a handle with which to temper the rhythm of his thrusts. Pen-pal leaned over and talked dirty nothings into her ear, causing her to clamp down on Chase’s cock with her pc muscles. Chase responded by intensifying his rhythm, slamming himself into her. She had no choice at that point but to turn her vibrator up to its highest intensity.

The two men were covered in sweat and the smells were driving her insane with agonizing ecstasy. The sound of their voices reverberated within her consciousness and brought returns of more vaginal wetness than she ever thought possible. The vibration coursed through hers and Chase’s body, and as he and Pen-Pal thrust into her, she knew that she was on that wonderful precipice right before orgasm.

And the orgasm she experienced was life-changing. It felt like her clitoris shattered into 8000 disparate pieces of sensation. It shot outward through the millions of channels of nerve endings in her body and her nipples pulsated along with the involuntary rhythmic contractions of her pc muscles. She was breathing so heavily she felt that she would never get enough oxygen into her lungs to sustain this orgasm. She ejaculated in spraying buckets, and heard the propulsion slap against Chase’s abdomen as her body convulsed in pleasure she had never experienced before.

Her moans sent vibrations along Pen-Pal’s cock. Seeing and feeling the intensity of her orgasm, Pen-Pal was only able to thrust a few more times before falling over the edge himself. He pulled his cock out of her mouth, and sprayed cum all over her face, tits and abdomen.

Still coming, she looked up at Chase and said, “Cum, please cum with me.”

The sound of her voice brought that familiar expression onto Chase’s face and his final thrust coincided with the end of her orgasm.

She couldn’t move. She was willing her body to move to a more comfortable location, but was unable to send signals to her body. Being paralyzed was a fair trade-off for the orgasm she just had, and she was willing to accept that.

Seeing her inability, Pen-Pal rotated her body onto the bed, and wiped his and her cum off her body.

Both men snuggled up to her sides, and before she could figure out if she would ever regain feeling in her limbs, they all drifted off to sleep.


“Give me a condom so I can fuck him.”

Without moving her hips, she reached over to the box and retrieved a condom to give to Pen-Pal. She also tossed him the bottle of lube.

“Thanks doll. Don’t forget our rules.”

Pen-Pal rolled the condom onto his cock, and slathered lube onto the condom. He covered his fingers with lube and inserted them into Chase’s waiting hole. “You want me inside of you, Chase?”

“Fuck me, daddy.”

Pen Pal inserted his hard thick cock into Chase’s waiting hole. He moved slowly to give Chase’s anus time to warm to having something inside. He thrust slowly and Chase’s lips parted to let out small pleasured breaths.

“Lift yourself up.”

At his prompting, Chase lifted himself up onto his big muscular arms, in a push-up position. Pen-Pal grabbed his legs so that Chase was completely horizontal, minus his arms. She knew that not touching herself or moaning was going to be difficult if what she though was going to go down was about to go down.

Keeping Chase’s legs propped up, Pen-Pal starting thrusting with renewed intensity. Chase moaned with pleasure and she could see pre-cum drizzle out of Chase’s hard cock. The position was physically demanding on the both of them, and as they continued, she could see their muscles straining with the effort.

Chase’s arms and chest bulged, his veins pulsating, his breathing laborious and intense. He was so close to her that in the moments where he let his head drop, his dreads tickled her thighs, tempting her to tickle her clit just due to the proximity. But she wouldn’t give in, no matter how hard it was to resist.

Pen-Pal’s arms bulged and strained with the burden of keeping Chase’s legs aloft as he continued to pound Chase’s hole. They were both covered in sweat, but both were in such exquisite pleasure, there seemed to be no quick end to their display.

Her mind was racing and her inability to fuck herself to their display was maddening. She felt like cumming and moaning and crying all at the same time. Her pussy was painfully throbbing with lust and desire and she only hoped that she could hold out until the end.

Finally, the physicality of the position overtaxed the both of them, and Chase’s arms gave out as Pen-Pal dropped him to the bed. Pen-Pal flipped chase over, and pushed Chase’s head into her crotch. Her breathing hitched and she struggled to keep the enormous moan that was trying to escape her mouth. As Pen-Pal crawled on top of Chase, he took a moment to smirk at her displeasure before roughly bringing the two men’s mouths together.

After placing a different condom onto his cock, Pen-Pal plunged himself back into Chase. With every thrust, Chase’s head pushed into her body, his dreads teasing her clitoris. With every thrust she longed to touch them, to scream out, to rub her already raw clit off. But she bit her lip hard … hard enough to draw blood. But all she could do was wait through the excruciatingly erotic agony.

As Pen-Pal fucked chase, he took Chase’s cock into his hand and started jacking Chase off. Chase arched and moaned and pleaded with Pen-Pal to fuck him harder because he was about to come. Pen-Pal obliged his request and with every ounce of strength he had in his powerful body thrust himself into Chase. This time, Chase’s orgasm was silent, but the force of his orgasm squirted Pen-Pal in the face. Pen-Pal, still fully rigid, pulled his cock out of Chase, wiped the cum off his face, and kissed Chase long and hard.

He whispered into Chase’s ear and Chase nodded and rolled out of the way.

Pen-pal crawled up to her and put his mouth next to her ear. “I know that was hard, and I know you want to cum. So do I. But I didn’t get to fuck you earlier, and I want to feel your beautiful cunt wrapped around my cock.”

For a brief moment she contemplated being as cruel to him as he had been to her, but after surviving the previous experience, her body begged her to accept.

They replaced the condom, and she climbed on top of him. Chase watched in a half-sleepy daze, a smile on his gorgeous face. She was already so close to coming that she grabbed for the vibrator right away. As she rode his cock, she clamped down with her muscles with the intensity of the delay of her pleasure. She could tell the grip she had on Pen-Pal’s cock was a bit painful for him, and she was totally okay with that. She wasted no time in turning the vibe on full blast and almost immediately the orgasm she had been waiting for came to her.

Pen-Pal then bucked her off of him, and fucked her doggy style, bringing her hips violently into his. With one last deep, penetrating thrust, she felt his cock tremor and explode into orgasm.

For the second time that night, they all fell asleep, huddled in each other’s arms.


As she dropped him off at the airport they embraced one final time.

“How are we going to top that one?” She asked.

“I don’t know if we can. Trying will be lots of fun, I imagine.”


“See you next month!”